Cascading Menus

• Large "Marquee" screens placed on the plant floor to visualize OEE and KPIs in real time.
• The big screens can replace the information deployed on boards or chalkboards

Plant Floor Data Visualization
Information display on mobile devices
• Display of historical and real-time data on mobile devices.
• Predefined or by request.
• On demand or automatic.
• Electronic or printed.
• PDF, CSV, etc.

Alert Notification
• Visual on plant floor.
• Visual on Large Screens.
• Via e-mail.
• Via pager (local).
• Audibles (alarms, music boxes).
Smart Andon Systems
We team up with our customers to support their inniciatives to increase profitability of their manufacturing systems.
Our Smart Systems provide solutions to optimize productivity and Efficiency and to reduce down time.
SMART. Our Smart Systems collect and transform data into valuable information and knowledge.
For Decision Makers. Reports, graphs and analysis to help them find opportunity areas and support informed business decisions.
For Plant Floor Personnel: Immediate notifications allow them to react quickly and solve problems faster.
A Solution For Every Need: In addition to our "Out of the box" systems, we can customize a solution for your specific needs.