Cascading Menus

Andon Matrix Multi-Color
• Excellent solution for production areas with many lines or machines.
• Each single Multi-Color box on the screen shows the status of a production line or machine.
• 6 or even more blinking or steady colors can be used to display the different status or calls.
• The status of up to 50 machines can be shown on a single screen, saving a lot of space.
• The system can have multiple screens to display the status of dozens or even hundreds or machines.
• As in all our "Smart" systems, all information is log for further review, report and analysis.
• "Traditional" Andon Matrix in which each production line or machine is represented by a column on the screen.
• Each row represents one type of status or call, and has a color assigned.
• Each box on the screen shows either green (OK), or the (steady/blinking) row color (problem/call).
• Usually, up to 10 machines can be shown on a single screen (Adjustable).
Traditional Andon Matrix