Cascading Menus

• Smart Andon Server-Based is an scalable system, that allows to check in one single central machine (PC) all the necessary lines status, also showing each machines status.
• This system integrates many Smart Andon systems into one single system.
The left column shows the line number and each row shows the machines that are working on that line. Just like the other Smart Andon systems, when the wireless button is pressed for the first time, the machine where it was pressed will turn yellow (asking for support), the second time will turn red (stop status) and the third time will turn green again (run status).
You can add many lines as you need (this picture shows up to 50 lines). The historical data of each line will be shown in one PC, for this you just have to access the LOG section. The system can be displayed in one screen or in multiple screens. The data recording of all the lines is made with a network connection in just one PC.
• Same functionality and features as all the other Smart Andon systems.
• Multi-Machine Architecture, Server Based.
• Server capacity from 5 to 20 machines.
• Expandable system depending on the Layout and distances.
• Compatible with "virtual" servers.
• Multiple Screens (normally one screen for 5 machines).
• Just one CPU (Server) for "n" machines.
• System concentrates the information in just one computer.
• Cost Efficient.
• Maintenance Efficient.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Minimum wiring required.
• Easy to operate.