Cascading Menus

Productivity System
• Compares the Real number of produced pieces with the Planned number of produced pieces and gives the percentage of it.
• Increases Efficiency.
• Easy Instalation.
• Remote Monitoring.
• Recording Information.
• This image shows the "Home" screen of the Smart Andon Productivity system when the system is working normally on a certain station. It shows the Real amount of produced pieces, the Planned amount of produced pieces and the percentage of efficiency of production. The C.T. refers to the Cycle Time of each produced piece, this can be adjusted according to the needs of the station.
• The Smart Andon Productivity system has 4 kinds of stops, in this case the first one is shown, it indicates when the operator of the machine or station is having his lunch break. As you can see, a big yellow sign shows this and it also starts a timer to show when the system stopped counting. To set any kind of stops, the operator must press the wireless button assigned to the station. The other types of stop for the system are Lunch, Shift (which means a change of shift), and Meeting.

• You can also see a Reset button on the bottom of the screen that will restart the system from zero.
• The Smart Andon Productivity System can perfectly work in 5 languages; English, Spanish, German, Korean and Japanese. This can be changed on the bottom-right side of the screen. All the functions work the same in all the languages and the operator can always switch it.
• The Settings window can be opened pressing the SETTINGS button on the bottom-left side of the window. Here, the operator can set the parameters such as the C.T., the Target % (the screen shows the percentage on green when it is over this parameter and red when it is below), and both the window and the time of the break can be set to a blink mode. The operator can also choose which breaks to enable.