Cascading Menus

Flat TV Screens
• Our Systems use modern high resolution flat screen TVs to display the information, instead of the traditional alphanumerical displays.
• The graphic capabilities are as wide as a computer screen.
•-Graphics and graphs.
• Wide flexibility also to show different types of information.
• Our systems can handle displays of any size, so our customers can select the screen sizes they prefer.
Web & Mobile
• Web access to information from PC's, Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.
• Information in the palm of our hand to support timely and accurate decision making.
• Real time information, events, graphs, queries, reports and any information you may need to optimize profitability of our manufacturing processes.

Wireless Push Buttons
• Smart Andon systems use push buttons so that the operators at each machine or station can trigger a call or request help.
• Our Smart Andon Systems offer different wireless push button options for this purpose:
•- Nema 4 wireless push button stations. Push buttons similar to the ones used in industrial control panels. 1,2 or 3 push button stations are available.
•- Keyfob type button unit.
•- Multi-button Handheld unit.
•- Long-Range Handheld units.
•- Cable / rope operated switches.
•- Andon Cable.
Business Intelligence
• Our "Smart" Systems add the intelligence to collect, store and analyze information from machines and stations.
• Events, times, product count and much more information is logged.
•Context data such as: Date, time, shift, product, operator, station, etc. is also stored in order to allow further analysis.
• Database information storage.
• Once stored, the information can be queried for review and analysis using reports, graphs and tables.
• Data export to "csv" (comma separated values), txt and other file formats.
• Exported files can be stored in a local folder, or on a remote computer or server on the network for an easier access.
• Exported files can be accessed using tools such as Excel for later review or analysis.
• Exported files can also be configured to serve as inputs to other plant systems.
• Exported files can be generated either on demand, or automatically base certain criteria such as: Date, shift, product change, etc.
User Manager
• Our systems have different user levels according to user responsibilities, typically:
•- Operation, Supervision, Administration and Engineering are included.
• The user manager system allows the following functions:
•- Creation of new users.
•- Users assignment to security groups.
•- Delete users.
•- Change user password.
• Our systems are capable of handling different languages.
• When a language is selected, all texts on the system such as menus, buttons, signs, status, etc. change automatically to the selected language.
• Languages provided by default include English and Spanish, any other language can be added upon customer request.
Email notifications
• Email notifications for events and calls can be configured in the "Settings" menu.
• Notifications can be sent for events such as:
•- Call / Event ON.
•- Call / Event OFF.
•- Scalle Call / Event when "on" for more than x seconds.
•- Where the seconds are also configurable.
Melody Manager
• Smart Andon systems are designed with our customers in mind. Maximum flexibility is provided for the user to select parameters, options and configuration settings.
• At Smart Andon we acknowledge each of our customers has specific needs.
• Our Engineering team is ready to team up with you to design the best suited solution for your needs.
Flexible Configuration
• It is the audible notification system for our Smart Andon products.
• The melody manager includes the following components:
•- Configuration Menu.
•- Library of selectable melodies.
•- Ability for the user to add his own melody audio files.
•- Audio System to play the melodies.
• Several screens can be connected to the system showing the same or different information.
• For example, our Smart Andon + Productivity system uses two screens, each of them dedicated for one function.
• It is also possible to have multi-screen arrangements or "Video Walls" in order to increase the display area.
• Automatic data collection provides a number of advantages such as:
- Information reliability since it is coming directly from the machine.
- Timely information. Having the information at the right time to make right decisions.
- Avoid voluntary or involuntary data entry errors.
- Reduce the need of manual data entry.
• Exported files can also be emailed automatically.
• It is also possible to export screen images to pdf files.
• Our systems can be interfaced to plant information systems such as:
- Quality
- Maintenance
- Propietary or in house developed systems
• The list of email recipients can also be configured.
• Timely event notifications allows a rapid response and solution to situations on the plant floor.
• When a Call / Event occurs, the system plays the corresponding melody according to the configuration settings.
• The teammates intended to respond to the Calls / Events identify who is responsible for the call depending on the melody being played.
• Audible notifications allow a rapid response and solution to situations on the plant floor, and therefore improvements in productivity.