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Smart Andon Systems
Types of ANDON
Andon Systems
• Manufacturing systems which notify the management, maintenance and other areas of quality or process problems.
• A New Andon model where screens are used instead of the traditional displays, it also offers time totalization bringing out statistics of each button so that you can know which is the cause that affects more to the operation and frequency of the process.
• The final information is shown in graphics.
• Productivity System: Calculates the efficiency of the process and compares the real result with the planned result.
• Service Request System: Receives service requests directly from the stopped machines.
• Server Based System: Networked andon that allows to see the information of many systems in one computer.
• Stops/Attention System: Receives the signal when a certain machine is having stops and sends a signal asking for attention.
Visual Indication of Events
• Different display sizes according to your needs.
• Possibility of Multiple-Displays.
Multi-Language Systems
• Each Smart Andon system and all of its functionalities are available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese and Korean.
• Lean Manufacturing strategy.
• Immediate problem notification.
• Quick answer for problems.
• Down Time reduction.
• Events and time recording.
• Graphs to analyze the information.
• Historical data base.
• Quick and easy installation.
• No wiring required.
• Easy operation and maintenance.
• "Lite" and "Full" versions depending on the needs of the customer.
• Ability to adapt the design to specific customer needs.
Expansion Options
• Mobile and Web access.
• Event notification via email.
• Optional integration to ERPs / MRPs and third party information systems.
• Optional integration with our systems:
•-OEE Plant Information System
• Optional server based architecture for multiple machines.
Wireless Buttons
• No wiring required.
• Easy to move and place them where required.
• Buttons for every need.
• Line names.
• Station names.
• Indication mode (blinking).
• Users and passwords.
• Audible alarm.
• Guide PDFs for easy installation.
Event and Time Summary
• Actual events and daily accumulated.
• Support, stop, total times and number of events.
Historical Data Query
• Valuable information for analysis and decision making.
• Query by date, duration and station.
• The results are shown in bar graphs and tables.
• Event and time totals.
• Optional Excel export.
• Optional screen "printing" in PDF.
• Help screens.
Help Screens
• Traditional Andon Systems use signalboards to indicate which station has the problem.
• Our Smart Andon Systems collect and transform data into valuable information and knowledge.
For Decision Makers: Reports, Graphs and Analysis to help them find opportunity areas and support informed business decisions.
For Plant Floor Personnel: Immediate notifications allow them to react quickly and solve problems faster.