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OEE Factors
• Productivity losses in manufacturing plants are due to three factors: Availability, Performance and Quality.
• Availability considers downtime loss: Equipment stops, change over time.
•Performance considers speed loss: Causes preventing process to operate at nominal speed.
• Quality considers quality loss: Loss for rejected produced pieces.
Why OEE?
•If you are looking for ways to:
• Identify inneficiencies in your machines and production lines.
• Standarize the way you measure equipment efficiency.
• Take advantage of the hidden capacity you may have available in your equipment.
Six Big Losses
1. Breakdowns> Down Time: Failures, Breakdowns, Unplanned Maintenance.
2. Setup and Adjustments> Down Time: Changeover, Setup and Adjustments, Shortages.
3. Small Stops> Speed: Machine Jam, Product Flow Blocked, Checking.
4. Reduced Speed> Speed: Running Under Capacity, Equipment Wear, Machine or Operation Inefficiency.
5. Startup Rejects> Quality: Scrap, Rework, Assembly Errors.
6. Production Rejects> Quality: Scrap, Rework, Assembly Errors.
What is OEE?

• OEE Stands for Overall Equipment Efectiveness.
• OEE is a standarized, systematic and consistent way to measure industrial equipment efficiency.