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OEE Station
OEE Station is an excellent solution for plant floor data acquisition in cases such as:
• Machine or station without PLC or HMI.
• Old PLC/HMI with limited communications.
• Old PLC/HMI expensive to upgrade.
• Limited information about PLC/HMI applications.
• Variables needed not available in the PLC/HMI.
• Preferable not to mess with existing PLC/HMI.

• Plant flor data acquisition signals and data entry.
• Data collection of signals for OEE, Stops, KPIs, etc.
• Industrial Color Touchscreen (3.5").
• User friendly, stop cause selection, model or SKU entry, Operator login, trigger work orders directly from plant floor.
• Visual Machine status indication via Tower Light.
• Bar Code interface for product, model/SKU or operator login.

• Out of the box functionality, ready to run plant foor data acquisition for OEE.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• Discrete and Analog IO.
• Serial/Ethernet and wireless communications.
• User friendly HMI touchscreen (3.5").
• Cost efficient.